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Like Abercrombie & Fitch or the best luxury hotels, call centers will soon have their own olfactory signature

Publié le 16 septembre 2022 à 14:03 par Magazine En-Contact
Like Abercrombie & Fitch or the best luxury hotels, call centers will soon have their own olfactory signature

You haven’t heard about the Queen’s death?  You're living in a cave. You don’t care for customer experience (not to mention visitor, patient, colleague)? You're out of it. The French Forum will take place in an exceptional location in La Baule, from September 28 to 30.

It is time to get acquainted with the first signature scent for contact centers, let’s call it (X N°5) for now, which will be presented for the first time in La Baule. For candidates to retain good memories of their first steps in the workplace, the olfactive sense might very well be of great significance.

The scent was conceived and designed by the publisher of the magazine you are currently reading with the close collaboration of Mélanie Leroux (member of the The International Society of Perfumer-Creators and founder of Mademoiselle Parfumette). A few BPO companies, such as VIPP-Interstis, had already created their own room fragrance, but (X N°5) was designed to be distributed and used in all contact centers and SSCs (shared service centers) that will purchase it. It may very well be that people will now line up to be recruited and to work in contact centers, as it is the case in Abercrombie & Fitch or whatever wondrous luxury hotels you can think of... "Paris Society, the company famous for its Parisian rooftops, has equipped some of its iconic restaurants, (Bonnie, Girafe, Monsieur Bleu, etc) with custom-made olfactory signatures, just like certain retailers or palaces. Contact centers, faced with similar issues, deserved to have their own," said Manuel Jacquinet, editor-in-chief of En-Contact


The forum highlights: 

How the Foch Hospital in Suresnes smoothened the experience and the admission of its 600,000 patients by digitizing paperwork thanks to Luminess.

Three years after its creation and its concession to Veolia, what are the results for the first connected beach in the world in La Baule?

At the near-end of the forum, during a riveting masterclass, Julien Hervouet (founder of iAdvize) will tell you how a Nantes-based startup is rocking the boat of employee experience and ready to take the world by storm He will also speak about iAdvize’s new propositions for livestream shopping. Globe Groupe Paris, the other livestream shopping specialist in France, better watch out. Will stores be saved by livestreams? 

Official launch with Hipto and Callity of the CFT: the French-speaking Cup of Telesales

Alexis de Prévoisin will sign copies of his book, Retail Emotions, Retail in Motion, cowritten with his daughter Dune. Gen Z daughter does not always see eye to eye with her experienced father:  crossed views is what make their book about emotions in retail so special. 


The organizers of the ECTFF, the first Forum in France dedicated to customer experience, prepared a custom-made program for this 10th edition, along with an afterwork courtesy of Fronton wines (Domaine Le Roc).

May your company, museum or drugstore live long and be as beloved as the Queen… so long as you pay attention.

On September 28, at 7:44 am, board the right TGV: Inoui 8803. 

Download the program here.

They will be here: Believe, Domaine Le Roc, Sanofi, La Banque Postale, ING, Engie, Veolia, Solocal, Jana, Webedia, Pierre et Vacances, Vorwerk


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