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"Is it important to record reality?" Patrice Quef, Miraval

Publié le 16 juin 2022 à 13:41 par Magazine En-Contact
"Is it important to record reality?" Patrice Quef, Miraval

In this interview dating back to 1992, Patrice Quef, who cofounded the Miraval studio with Jacques Loussier, shared his views on a variety of topics such as the music industry, William Sheller, Robert Wyatt.

Before a power couple took it over to produce rosé wine, Miraval was a mythical studio, which, along with a few others like the Château d’Hérouville, Davout, made France one of the mainstays of the subtle art of recording. Manuel Jacquinet, publisher of a book on those French counterparts of Abbey Road, put his hand on a trove of enlightening documents on the building that housed Pink Floyd, Maxime le Forestier, Sade or Indochine. Such as this interview given to Le Rythme et la Raison, the newsletter of an association that no longer exists. Excerpts from the guestbook of Miraval, written by great musicians in honor of Patrice Quef and upon his family's request, shall be disclosed in a documentary that is currently under development by a well-known streaming service. Wherein accounts and recollections by the likes of Chris Rea, Sade, Jon Anderson, who all came to Correns, are to be found.



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