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Waiting, the number 1 “pain point” of the customer experience is not necessary inevitable

Publié le 23 avril 2019 à 12:25 par Magazine En-Contact
Waiting, the number 1 “pain point” of the customer experience is not necessary inevitable

Around the world, brand customers and companies in all industries are talking about a topic when asked what is the first “pain” felt in customer experience: waiting. Waiting at the cash register, in the queue at the taxi stand, waiting for a refund on online returns, waiting for the “home page” of the website to load and then we would quickly order or read the article that interests us … Waiting for the delivery, which was to arrive at 12 O’clock… Some companies have understood this and have been striving for years to overcome or avoid this “pain point” that is so difficult to solve. They progress, with tricks, thanks to technological innovations or services, but also respecting the golden rules set by all the specialists of the waiting game. These are found in contact centres, museums, hospitals, and wherever the public is welcomed. They are called “Customer Experience Managers”, “Planners” or “Reception Manager to the Public” … among others. They are French, English, American … We interviewed them and they gave us their recipes & their tips. While at the same time, the En-Contact team found innovations from around the world, implemented to overcome waiting or make it less painful. Take this book, discover the 1001 ways imagined, in the world of Geo Trouvetout, to eradicate the wait, this nightmare of the customer, visitor or user – or at least make it more pleasant. A non-exhaustive inventory is born with new ideas or recipes, proof that the evil is … difficult to eradicate.

By Manuel Jacquinet


Contre toute attente, by Manuel Jacquinet and Frédéric Durand, Malpaso editions.

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