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The CX Award for best Employee Experience goes to… Caretocare – in a perfect world

Publié le 23 juin 2022 à 08:46 par Magazine En-Contact
The CX Award for best Employee Experience goes to… Caretocare – in a perfect world

On the margins of the CX Awards 2022, which were given yesterday evening, En-Contact awarded its special – and unofficial – prize in the Employee Experience category. It goes to a company created in the Alps: Caretocare.

 “One employee out of two doesn’t leave his company or his job, but his manager”

(Gallup survey 2021)

On this premise, two seasoned professionals who honed their skills in retail, contact centers, softwares, created a two-in-one company in Grenoble. It evaluates staff’s and employees’ motivation to boost training plans and proficiency. It begins with fixing the immediate managers’ stance and missions. Already used in Morocco, at Webhelp, and in France at Coriolis service, the tool developed by Sylvie Cleyet et Frédéric Szakal has proved useful: 15% more sales, 30% more contacts with prospects. Don’t let bullshit jobs overgrow make yourself ready for the new world. Even in Apple Stores, where the pay is okay, workers are unionizing, as it happened recently for the first time in Maryland.  

The Inspiring Day by Zaioin is the event that, in our opinion, you shouldn’t miss. Be there physically on June 29, or by webinar (cohosted by Caretocare and Activeo) on June 30. As far as we are concerned, there shouldn’t be any doubt about the award that rightfully goes, or should go to Caretocare. Too bad, we are not members of the jury. Instead, we shall emulate Spike Lee, jumping gun and announcing the winner in advance during the Cannes Film Festival last year.

 And for you to be convinced that Caretocare is not another company trying to profit from the HR revolution or facelift, we shall add one small precision: Frédéric Szakal was one of the cofounders of Orthodidact – sold since – a company whose educational purpose beat all expectations. To join Frédéric Szakal, call this number: +33 6 75 03 54 77. To sign up for the event, here’s the link.

 On June 29, Vertone and LivingPackets are cohosting a webinar. One hour of conversation about the importance of delivery in customer experience. About WISMO (Where is my order) and the disease is to be treated. 

On July 1, it will be ten years since the SNCF has installed pianos in its train stations. A cause for celebration. Hiccups, blunders, false notes sometimes happen with the old and venerable company, as it did recently with its new app. But it always proves to have several aces up its sleeve.

On July 7, some happy few will be invited by Charles-Emmanuel Berc, fondator of VIPP Interstis, to the musée du Quai Branly to visit the new exhibition “On the Road to Chiefdoms of Cameroon”. Charles-Emmanuel Berc, one of the most discreet and innovative figures in the BPO market, has been tracing his unique path in Benin, Cameroon and Togo for a few years.

On July 12, we will deliver a survey of the price offers among a few BPO hotshots: Docapost, Luminess, Tessi and Klee group. They are fighting for a public contract worth more than 87 millions over 4 years. 

 From September 28 to 30: it will be the 10-year-anniversary of the first and only forum dedicated to customer experience in France, in La Baule, as ever. Among the hot topics that shall be addressed, let’s mention WISMO, customer experience in retirement homes, the best way to notify customers during the customer journey with CM.com, speech analytics usefulness. We are happy to welcome in La Baule one of the best CPaaS experts in Europe (Pierre Garrigues), the co-founders of a French competitor of Nuance, Callity (Nicolas panel et Yann Bermond). The first perfume created specifically for contact centers by Mademoiselle Parfumette will be presented. The program shall be online in two weeks. Meanwhile, have a look at last year’s program for pointers.


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