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Hospitality, customer care, patient experience, CRM, ask for the Directory

Publié le 31 mai 2023 à 09:20 par Magazine En-Contact
Hospitality, customer care, patient experience, CRM, ask for the Directory

To improve the reception or customer experience in your shop or hospital, to become truly omnichannel, to raise your game in terms of hospitality, identify the most effective partner, publisher or consultant suited to your needs. Thanks to the Bottin du Service et de l'Expérience Client. The 2023 edition will be entitled "The unforgettable begins here" and will focus on the importance of WiFi, toilets, waiting times and the employee experience. So that we're ready, welcoming and smiling for the Rugby World Cup and Paris2024!

The Customer Service and Experience Directory, published by Malpaso-RCM and En-Contact, lists 900 French CRM, customer experience, patient and hospitality specialists. It helps you get to know them better, choose* them and contact them. The 5th edition will be published in September 2023. 

Queues outside Roland Garros

BVA, Ipsos, Smice or Skiply to evaluate the quality of the welcome and customer experience in shops? Salesforce or Zoho to boost your CRM? Telepeformance, Webhelp or Vipp-Interstis, Amicio for your telemarketing and outsourced customer service?

These are just some of the choices that the Bottin du Service et de l'Expérience Client, patients, helps you to make, with complete objectivity: every year, En-Contact's "investigators", veritable inspectors (as in a famous red guide) test the services and reliability, the innovative nature of these publishers, consultants, specialists in reception, omnichannel, hospitality or mystery-shopping. Ask customers for their opinion.

Hospitality, employee experience, patient experience and wait marketing are the 4 headings that have been greatly expanded.

France will soon be hosting the Rugby World Cup, and next year, in 2024, the Olympic Games: everyone involved in organizing these events, welcoming tourists and athletes, must raise their game in terms of hospitality, in order to create unforgettable experiences. As Augustin de Romanet recently explained, this begins in airports and railway stations. Everything that can be done to plan and reduce waiting times is vitally important. Aéroports de Paris plans to measure and reduce waiting times for passengers boarding or arriving at Roissy-CDG.

Sound design and olfactory experience, speech analytics, supply chain improvement, CDP platforms and suppliers of qualified leads were the new categories created for the 4th edition. As in the Michelin Guide, certain establishments or service providers are awarded stars, those that we feel deserve a special mention in France. As with the famous Yellow Pages, "the strength of this directory lies in its comprehensiveness, its wide distribution and the fact that it is widely consulted", says Manuel Jacquinet, publisher of the Professional Directory.

Among 800 service providers, publishers and customer experience outsourcing specialists in France, find the one best suited to your needs!

The Customer Experience and Service Directory, a veritable Michelin Guide to an increasingly strategic industry, will be published in September 2023 for its 5th edition. It lists, in twenty homogeneous categories, over 900 French service providers, publishers, consultancies and personalities who are helping companies to improve customer journeys, make appointments, reduce waiting times, become truly omnichannel or automate everything that can be done in these areas, in order to improve their operational performance. Avoiding a no-show in a restaurant, taking care with employee onboarding or identifying the specialist for outsourcing your customer service or Field Services (installing Linky meters or a box in the home, while having planned the service provider's route correctly) all contribute to efficiency and the famous seamless experience. Specialists refer to this as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The publisher is Malpaso - Radio Caroline Média, which for twenty years has been publishing the industry's leading trade magazine on these subjects: En-Contact.

What it includes and lists.

This directory, which can be accessed by e-mail and telephone*, can be used to identify and shortlist service providers, publishers or experts in a particular field who can help to resolve the most frequent and painful issues in terms of the customer journey, the digital experience or patient care. The automation of processes, electronic signatures and everything that will improve WISMO ("Where Is My Order"), for example, i.e. the ability to provide information on the status of a delivery. In fact, this is the issue that e-business customer services departments are most often asked about. But there's also Hoist Group and Sulpice TV, which let you hire TV sets while you're sleeping or staying at Orpea or the Bordeaux University Hospital! The patient experience - quite a subject, as we have learned this year. Measuring the experience of residents in these establishments even more so. The IGAS has therefore made its entry into our Directory, as has the Transport Quality of Service Authority in the category: Measuring and complying with patient and customer experience.

Manhattan telephone directory, 1967-68

900 companies listed, including 150 audited.

The list includes 900 companies and specialists in customer experience, digital, CRM and BPO in France, classified in the 22 homogeneous categories. As well as an exclusive list of 50 people working in France, within companies or institutions, on key service or reception issues: reception, flow forecasting, KYC, omnichannel, UX design, improving patient paths, etc. (Jérémie Zeguerman - SNCF; Florence Désert -SETE Tour Eiffel; Jean-François Rial- Office du Tourisme de Paris; Benjamin Huteau- SNCF; Sandrine Beltran-La Banque Postale; Sophie Martin- CNAM. These are the people who run the stations, the VIP departments of major brands, major tourist offices, the customer experience of operators or significant marketplaces) but you can also find a Palace Concierge, Clé d'or.

The Bottin is being published for the 5th time and was conceived in 2005 by En-Contact magazine. At the time, it was called the Who's Who of contact centres and customer relations.

In the Bottin, starred establishments?

What are known as starred establishments are companies whose innovations, services or achievements have left their mark on the past year: Daniel Benoilid (Wirk), Nicolas Panel and Yann Bermond (Callity), the incredible lead acquired by the Manifone operator in the fight against telephone canvassing, soon to be at European level, are just some of the reasons why they have been awarded a virtual star. But we will also find publishers such as Innso, or BPO specialists such as Luminess, Myopla or Vipp-Interstis, whose solutions have won over customers thanks to their performance or technological lead. Specialists in PCI DSS remote payment, such as Voxpay: it's no coincidence that Orange Business Services has selected this operator and now carries it in its luggage around the world. Finally, callbots have not been forgotten, as they will certainly continue to play the starring role in many customer journeys: the toll-free number that answers questions about Covid-19, 0800 130 000, received 1,400,000 calls on the first day it was set up, a volume that would have been impossible to handle without the contribution of conversational AI. Zaion, DYDU, Calldesk, which company should you use to design and implement a callbot?

A directory to list them and facilitate effective contact.

In these areas, which have now been clearly identified as vital, French companies are competing with a large number of competitors, often from the English-speaking world, who can be tricky to contact. To this end, the Bottin offers you the e-mail address of the sales manager or CEO in France of the company concerned. A digital version is available for hire, reserved for advertisers in En-Contact magazine. It includes the telephone numbers of the managers mentioned.

The Bottin is being published for the 5th time and was conceived in 2005 by En-Contact magazine. At the time it was called the Who's Who of contact centres and customer relations. It is published by Malpaso-RCM, which has been publishing En-Contact magazine and the Cahiers de l'Expérience Client for 23 years.


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