Deal-Makers of the year in the customer experience & service department:

Publié le 06 janvier 2020 par Magazine En-Contact
Deal-Makers of the year in the customer experience & service department:

1/Teleperformance saw its share price increase by 51%.
ADM Value was sold to Tessi for 110 million euros. Claude Briqué recovers the fruit of his labour and the risks taken: he was one of the first to believe in Madagascar, as a destination for contact centres.
2/Myopla records in Tangier and Tetouan, where it is based, a growth of more than 35% of its turnover and will pass the milestone of 1,500 employees in 2020. Vipp Interstis, specialist in telesales, should open – according to our information – two new contact centres in sub-Saharan Africa, in English-speaking countries. These two mid-market players in the outsourced customer experience were created by veterans of the trade.
3/Adyen has just signed with Mac Do to manage the key moment in the customer journey that constitutes payment. Start of operations in UK.
4/Voxpay installs its PCI DSS certified voice payment solution with a large luxury player, in a large mutual insurance company and with players in the automotive world.
5/Agaphone, forty years after its creation, continues to believe in the virtues of hotline and outsourced reception. Valentine Lambert has created a new production site in Cabourg and now signs contracts with mid-caps and large law firms.

Denis Marsault – © Edouard Jacquinet


6/Diabolocom, Kiamo, Nixxis, Axialys, Vocalcom all in good shape (software and platforms for contact centres)
The former has signed major deals, notably with iQera, while the latter had re-signed with Teleperformance in the spring, after a very bitter call for tenders. The Moroccan subsidiary of Vocalcom also equiped Myopla, which has had connections developed with Zendesk for its use. It is a difficult choice that Solocal will have to make in the coming weeks, who wish to re-equip its 800 sedentary commercial agents: Diabolocom and Vocalcom would be on the short list but the purse strings at Solocal seem tight.
7/Zaion and Ilibot By Viavoo appeal to brands that believe in callbots.
The first one impressed with the creation of the 1st order bot installed at Butagaz or the bots which allow reports from visitors to be made by convenience stores. The second uses its know-how acquired in listening to customer feedback.
IVR could increasingly be replaced by these intelligent bots whose functionality goes far beyond sorting and identification. More than 20 providers indicated creating one in France, but our latest benchmark, published in issue 113, indicates that the battle will be fought between few players. The teams and the means to be agreed are indeed considerable.

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