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Witnesses or victims of harassment or sexual violence during the Festival de Cannes can phone its hotline

Publié le 18 mai 2022 à 14:05 par Magazine En-Contact
Witnesses or victims of harassment or sexual violence during the Festival de Cannes can phone its hotline

Witnesses or victims of harassment or sexual violence during the Festival de Cannes can phone its hotline

4 years after its creation, the Cannes Film Festival 2022 "Harassment & Violence" hotline is back in operation and can be reached at 04 92 99 80 09. The number appears in the festival guidebook on page 17 and is presented under the heading Useful Information. The hotline was created in 2018, a few weeks after the revelations about Harvey Weinstein and his unfortunate habits that occured in 2017. It should be noted that the description of this emergency number dedicated to the acts of abuse and violence taking place in the Croisette and the Festival lightly differs in French or in English: it is specified in French that it is reserved for victims of abuse and violence and that the festival team is "à vos côtés et vous apporte écoute, aide et soutien” while the line is described in English as dedicated to "abuse and acts of aggression" and "whether you are a victim or a witness, the festival is by your side to listen, assist and support you." The working hours of the service, the ability of the teleoperators to record the conversations are not specified and could not be detailed to us, despite our requests for information from the organizer. We can however think, considering the prefix of the number, that it is managed by the technical team of the Palais des festivals and that the calls are treated by teams delegated by the organization of the Festival.

This number was the result of an "action partnership" between the Cannes Festival and the French government. Marlène Schiappa, who had visited in 2018 the office where calls are received, told us about "three listeners who take turns until late at night to take calls." At the time, the service was provided from 9am to 2am. A 5am call would prove useless (we made one this morning) and no information about opening hours or another number within reach would be provided. At the Sundance Film Festival, which has set up a similar service since 2018, the line operates during the festival 24 hours a day and is also comanaged by the Utah State Police.

If this number doesn't answer, what are the alternatives?

Stop Violences Sexistes Sexuelles, managed by the Audiens group, answers at 01 87 20 30 90 and is a listening and support unit for "victims and witnesses of rape, sexual harassment and sexist and sexual violence in the movie industry." It is working until 6pm. The 3919 is still working. It receives 70,000 calls per year and answers 55,000 of them, on moving average over the last few years.

In the cinema business, gender inequality and sexual violence fuel a never-ending debate: as a reminder, the 50/50 collective, which spearheaded the #Metoo movement in the industry, did not outlive an accusation of sexual assault against one of its members. The number of women present in the selection this year (five) is also heatedly discussed.

To know more about the Cannes Festival and the discreet AFFIF, the association that manages it, one will read with interest: Cannes confidentiel by Xavier Monnier (Robert Laffont editions).

Front page photo: credit © AFP - In the 1960s, Tippi Hedren, The Birds lead actress was the victim of harassment by one of the most respected filmmakers in Hollywood (Alfred Hitchcock). The latter had developed a sick obsession for the actress, on whom he forced his attentions. Faced with her repeated refusals, the director did everything to ruin her career.

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