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The book Business is business is out !

Publié le 03 avril 2019 à 15:46 par Magazine En-Contact
The book Business is business is out !

The modern corporate executive resembles Isidore Lechat who has ambition, who has the desire to conquer the world away from his home and who would read and appreciate Spinoza (L’Ethique). Welcome to this collection of testimonies, imagined as a conversation with those who preceded you; you can start reading when you desire, without anyone knowing what you read or what you are interested in. Sometimes secrets and confidentiality are good: Bernardo Provenzano and his pizzini do not appear in this book  by chance. It is not by chance that it is co-edited with a company specializing in conversations (Diabolocom) that was created by a young ambitious engineer, and now operating in several countries.

Happy reading!

By Manuel Jacquinet

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