« Si nous étions une radio, nous aimerions être FIP »

Fip sera présent – et l’un des partenaires médias – à la 6ème édition du forum baulois de l’expérience client. C’est une très bonne nouvelle car la meilleure radio du monde (selon Jack Dorsey de Twitter) propose une expérience unique à ses auditeurs, embarque avec justesse les technologies qui peuvent aider à soigner le confort […]

The French designers and makers of customer experience

Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd owe their fame to a very particular alchemy of musical talents, energy and madness. But technology also contributed to their successes or their rediscovery: the first sound effects and games of the Meddle creator were so distinctive that for a long time, their albums were used in stores to test stereo […]

20 million (Be Relax), 2 billion (I-Zettle), 1.1 billion (Ring)? Open bar and quick decision for the acquisitions or technologies that actually transform the customer journey and the traveling experience

Investment funds are not always great visionaries, but when they understand that activities, technologies or small doorbells are likely to effectively transform customer experience or eradicate one of the real pain points of the customer’s journey, they draw out their Sheaffer* to sign real checks. « And deals are quickly closing! » tells us one of the […]

Digital platforms are raising money, but where does it go?

…Apparently not in customer care or compliance. 66% of digital platforms that have raised a considerable amount of money have a negligent or even catastrophic customer service: LeKiosk wins the prize for incompetence. Ornikar, Legal Agency, Legal Start, OpenClassrooms, Meero, Private Driver, etc., the good students rub shoulders with the very bad in the digital […]

Dominique Anract: Full contact Baker

France without baguettes and croissants would just not be French enough. Good thing there are 33 000 bakers in France! And bread is no joke to them: they are up at the crack of dawn to open their bakeries early in the morning, they spend hours in the heat of ovens, are hard workers, and […]

The conversational art, 50 shades of voices

Could going to a specialized professional fair, for a few minutes or few hours, enhance the customer experience? 4 pictures that tell a lot and 2 enlightening numbers. For the last twenty years, En-Contact’s editorial team has been at almost every edition of the event Stratégie Clients. What has the fair taught us this year? […]

The EDSA Road in Manila? For the BPO traders and the customer experience, it is the Silk Road!

If the Silk Road was mythical for some merchants, EDSA Road is just the same for the major actors of the BPO in Manila, may they be American, French or Canadian. The endless main street that crosses the Philippian capital is bordered, as are so many places in the world, by fast food brands, billboards […]

The musical experience unicorn is French. Her name? FIP

California is jealous, California wants the same. It is not a start-up, since it will soon celebrate its fiftieth birthday, however, this old unicorn is really concerned with all that is digital. The radio does not believe in robots, but in programmers and nothing forecasts their substitution, as they are essential to the audience. The […]

Do Adobe, Qualtrics, Zuora, Medallia and the others fear the French Connection?

Why are the American experts of customer experience not at the Stratégie Clients event? Are we not good enough for them, or are they afraid of us? The greatest customer experience you will ever live? It is next week, with the French Burning Man Festival! I, Robot is this year’s Burning Man theme. The Wi-Fi […]

COMDATA acquires CCA International

And should become number 2 of the BPO/CRM in France After the acquisition, mid-2017, and the successful integration of B2S (now COMDATA France), the COMDATA group signed, yesterday, an agreement on the acquisition of CCA International. The group, led by Patrick Dubreil, and which achieves a 164 million-euro turnover throughout 12 countries, will join the […]

In Amiens, CCA International stands for “Call Center Attraction”

Virginie Dizière/CCA International/Interview

Le livre noir du service et de l’expérience client : The black book of customer care and experience

Le livre noir du service et de l’expérience client/Reviews