Super Bear, Davout, EMI-Pathé Marconi, legendary recording studios in France ( our own Abbey Road)

Super Bear, CBE Studio, Davout, Hérouville Castle, Pathé Marconi Studios, are unique and legendary recording studios that France has witnessed come to life, blossom and often disappear, at times, in flames. It is in the shadow of these studios and with the assistance of SSL or hand-crafted consoles and passionate sound engineers that many timeless […]

A short selection of famous recording studios in France, that you should know and the reasons why

In a very rare and nice book, that will be published on the 20th of November, edited by Malpaso editions, you will find stories about the French famour recording Studios in France. Vénus studio: Love is all you need The Vénus was managed by its founder Régine Denis, wife of a Paris music hall director, […]

The dreaded Romainville football team? Made up of 100% telecom advisors!

When ministers of health go to Romainville, what often happens is they pick up a headset. The city is home to a contact centre that is famous for various reasons. And a football coach, who is also famous.  Since 2004, the year of the heat wave, Samuel Slimani, pole manager at Sitel (he manages several […]

In the middle of Covid 19, Cardif IARD takes on board the callbot BCP from Zaion…

So as not to deter any insurance calls! In the insurance business, which is sometimes considered not very agile or cluttered with procedures, Cardif IARD denied Epinal’s images: as of March 16, BCP (Business Continuity Plans) scenarios, integrating all the options and impacts on telephone flows, have been developed. In less than five days, a […]

Call centers are the armies of the 21st century : interview with Daniel Julien (Teleperformance)

Teleperformance will enter the CAC 40 the 22nd of June. The company, an Amazon contractor, among others, was created in France in 1978. A few weeks ago, unions related that call center workers were enduring « subhuman conditions » in Philippines.  First published in En-Contact 97, in May 2017.

« Cap sur les US », le motto des patrons de centres d’appels. Marocains, français, etc..

A quelques mètres seulement de la Mosquée Hassan II, ce que j’ai découvert et entrevu, dans les derniers jours de septembre, m’a fait songer…au cinéma et à la littérature. Pourtant, je n’y visitais que les nouveaux centres d’appels de CCA […]

UNI Global Union Files Complaint Against Teleperformance, call centers world Leader

Uni Global Union, a federation of trade unions based in Switzerland, has registered to the PCN, the national contact point available to the OECD in each of the countries where it is represented, a notification of specific circumstances. According to it, the world leader in call centers violated the rights of workers to have a […]

Engagement and content moderation: what Comdata achieves, for its client named Coca-Cola, from London

Good morning England! Just when the British have expressed their desire to leave Europe, one “has to” go to London, to meet some inhabitants who are doing astonishing things there. In music or digital markets, the melting-pot of big cities leads to unique realizations, when talent and ambitions are reunited. Very special agents In June […]

Mister Auto entrusts Matt with delivery requests. But Matt is a voicebot designed by Ilibot

Mister Auto has delved into the callbot adventure by relying on Ilibot, the new technical offer dedicated to voicebots, designed by Viavoo, in collaboration with Sereneo. The results are very convincing, even if the meeting between these two companies was a bit of a coincidence. NLP, formalization of customer journeys, digital voice, the list of […]

Callbot: from the Foirfouille to the Grande Épicerie

How to choose your best bet for chatbots and callbots, in France? Nothing looks less like a real callbot than a basic chatbot. How to know who are the real French specialists, those to consult? Who makes and sells what? Things to keep in mind More than 30 companies at least, in France, declare themselves specialists […]

Lisa, can you fill my gas tank?

Butagaz and Zaion have created Lisa, the world’s first voicebot to enable voice shopping … to fill your gas tank. It has been functional since the start of summer and is well received by customers. This summer (2019), two French companies have successfully launched a world first: to enable ordering, in natural language, restocking or […]

« Who’s in it, who are you?” The story of a cursed movie

The first French comedy about call centres was co-written and produced by a neophyte in the world of cinema. But not in that of telephone platforms. The eventful story of a film and its producer: Manuel Jacquinet. « Seeking photojournalist for freelance role ». When Déborah Chiarella responded to this announcement on the internet, she didn’t know […]