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In the middle of Covid 19, Cardif IARD takes on board the callbot BCP from Zaion…

Publié le 16 décembre 2020 à 16:44 par Magazine En-Contact
In the middle of Covid 19, Cardif IARD takes on board the callbot BCP from Zaion…

So as not to deter any insurance calls!

In the insurance business, which is sometimes considered not very agile or cluttered with procedures, Cardif IARD denied Epinal’s images: as of March 16, BCP (Business Continuity Plans) scenarios, integrating all the options and impacts on telephone flows, have been developed. In less than five days, a virtual assistant was deployed with the assistance of Zaion. The callbot, which was then designed and optimized for the client, made it possible to quickly process the various requests from policyholders and to secure the voice channel, which was considered a priority. The transformation of conversations into e-mails was one of the key points.

The Context

As in many companies, it is a real battleground that we witnessed on Monday March 16 at Cardif IARD (a subsidiary of BNP Paribas): How do you implement a business continuity plan in case of confinement and therefore the risk of a global closure of sites, knowing that you were not organized to deploy work from home operations in 24 hours, says Eric Marchandise, CEO of the insurer. The first observation is reassuring: there are no technical difficulties in providing access to the information system and therefore in maintaining back-office activity (processing of mail, e-mails and Internet forms). But there is difficulty on the other hand to switch the voice channel, which can’t be cut. Two options are therefore debated: a total closure of the contact and processing centre, based in Rouen, or a partial closure: only volunteer employees would be brought in to work.

According to Khalid Achiakh, Zaion’s Sales Director, the BCP (business continuity plan) callbot was designed to meet three constraints: to set up a project team in record time at Zaion, and to quickly propose a maintenance guide that corresponds to the client’s business and that allows the content of conversations between the client’s customers and the callbot to be transcribed into e-mails. Finally, an iteration of the project as the project progresses to add new cases, such as car and multi-risk home claims.

The experience according to the Director General

The callbot was deployed in five days and did not deter any calls received. The conversations handled by the callbot made it possible to categorize the requests (claims, contracts, requests for certificates), identify the callers and then forward this, in the form of e-mails, to our employees. At the beginning and because it is often their first conversation with a conversational robot, our policyholders think that their request will not be taken into account or processed. The opposite is true. For those of them who had requested it, we called them back quickly. Thanks to this callbot and the great commitment of the team, customers were pleasantly surprised. But if we have been efficient, it is also thanks to Zaion: it is a reactive company, a partner that quickly understands the businesses aspects. We are going to extend the use of these callbots from the end of May,” says Eric Marchandise.

Sidenote: The appropriation of the callbot by Cardif IARD’s customers is very good, even for the most distrustful who often experience their first conversation with a conversational robot.

It often lasts two minutes, but since the request is well understood and the conversation pattern adapted, there is no reluctance to talk and to leave one’s contact details, says a client of the insurer.

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