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How much I have learned on Firmin Gillot Street, Paris

Publié le 13 juillet 2021 à 14:00 par Magazine En-Contact
How much I have learned on Firmin Gillot Street, Paris

Quality monitoring from ex-Teleperformance employees…

For the first time, one of France's most secretive companies – the world leader in its sector – gives the floor to former executives or employees ready to share about what they learned there. What was so unique, worth-remembering and of so precious an aid for the rest of their professional career? 

A series written and edited by En-Contact by En-Contact editorial team. 

“I was 25 years old; I was already managing 20 people when I became in charge of 200 more. That was a huge challenge. Like many people, I learned a lot at Teleperformance and, like many people, if I left the company since, the trade stuck with me.” Fabrice Péry-Kasza did not forget his time at Multilignes, a subsidiary of Teleperformance then headed by Sophie de Menthon. The history and sociology graduate was provided there with an accelerated apprenticeship in the management profession. He then created his own service provider company, the name of which says it all: Affaire de Contacts.

“He was a visionary, a challenging and exhausting one, but above all a very good manager. When later I worked in competing companies, I sometimes got interested in markets coveted by TP; he did not like it but played fair, because Daniel Julien is as fair-minded as he is passionate. And most importantly he is thorough. If you have nothing important to say during a meeting, it is better to keep silent." Over 70, Corinne Fleischman continues to train contact center agents in telesales in sub-Saharan Africa. She didn't leave the profession either, which she discovered at the dawn of her thirties, when she became the executive assistant of TP founder. 

If you are passionate about human relations, inspiring interactions and environments that help people grow, and if you take a walk on contact center platforms or in a few laboratories where voice is worked upon, you will very quickly come across the former employees of that eminent company. And inevitably, a smile will appear when you ask them about a particular highlight of their education and career there. "I worked at Teleperformance," they will quickly confide, "two years, fifteen years, thirty years." 

And this will happen to you all over the world, sometimes in very remote locations. None of them will want to keep quiet about this moment in their lives and careers. No one will tell you that it was simple or just quiet. All of them will tell you that it was a life-changing experience.

They invented the trade

"I know of only two French companies that almost invented a trade, or a market, in which human resources and people are essential, and in which all or most of the ex-employees tell you that they learned a lot about themselves and human relationships. Club Med and Teleperformance, in that order.

Teleperformance is certainly no Club Med, but in a way, it is home to GOs (Gentil organisateur) in customer relations who work for GM (Gentil member), the brands' customers. I'm happy to do these portraits for the world leader in the sector," says Manuel Jacquinet. Once these portraits are completed, a collection shall be published.

If you also have carved a part of your career path at Teleperformance or in one of its subsidiaries and are willing to share some highlights, you can contact us with a short summary of your testimony. [email protected]

By En-Contact Magazine

Photo de Une : Teleperformance Athènes - © Edouard Jacquinet

Lucio Appolonj Ghetti - © Edouard Jacquinet

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