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Will strikes and the social movement make a fortune for Didier Ferrier (Eodom)?

Publié le 06 janvier 2020 à 08:26 par Magazine En-Contact
Will strikes and the social movement make a fortune for Didier Ferrier (Eodom)?

Hegel speaks in a cunning & complex work of history, signifying by this concept that sometimes history borrows detours whose meaning one does not understand until the end of the journey (in summaryJ). Will the transport strikes -which have largely prompted companies of all types to resort to teleworking in recent weeks- constitute this ruse of history for the inventor in France of home-shoring with self-employed workers?
There is indeed, on the French market, a survivor, worthy of the name Rambo, who has done much to make telework acquire its letters of nobility. Does a good idea, exploited before the others, make you a fortune, in any case? Response in a few weeks: two or three investors have expressed their interest and made proposals to Didier Ferrier, who has been looking for a long time to marry his company. Meilleur Contact, one of the last competitors, was sold this year to Relaytion. The rest are very small or publish unaudited figures. In the United States, home agents sometimes represent up to 10% of the total workforce of contact centre companies. An obvious sign that home customer service is efficient.

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