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The big game of the summer: would you make a good Club Med GO?

Publié le 01 juillet 2019 à 12:56 par Magazine En-Contact
The big game of the summer: would you make a good Club Med GO?

Club Med owes its success to its ability to recruit large numbers of GOs (Gentils Organisateurs, which translates directly to Kind Organisers, the name given to their employees) ranging from diving specialists to hospitality employees. Take the following test (from a former QCM used by Club Med years ago) and measure ability to become a receptionist for Club Med.

1/ A customer wants a room with a higher price than his reservation:
a) You tell them that it is impossible because you must respect the reservation
b) You give them the room and tell them that he can settle the bill later
c) You offer them a room and have them sign the bill for the higher amount; they will have to pay at the end of the stay

2/ A customer is not happy with their room, what do you do?
a) You tell them that the village is full and it is impossible to change rooms
b) You check their reservation and tell them that the village is complete
c) The village is complete but you register their request and tell them you will get them an answer ASAP

3/ You are in Turkey; a customer asks you to change your currency in euros:
a) You accept at the local exchange rate
b) You accept at the European rate
c) You refuse and justify yourself

Club Med at Cefalu – © Julien Fernandez


4/ A customer has received mail:
a) A family member passes, you give them the letter; the customer will get it faster
b) You check the identity of the customer when they come to the reception and give them the mail
c) You bring the mail to their room; this is not what we normally do, but this customer is nice

5/ At the end of the stay, a customer has lost their beach towel:
a) You know them, it does not matter
b) You politely explain the principle of the deposit and withhold it
c) You hold the deposit without telling the customer, they will notice it later

6/ A customer has just arrived and asks you for information about sports activities:
a) You tell them where to find all the information panels in the village
b) You call a sports monitor to ask for information
c) You give them the information by checking if necessary in the “reception book”

7/ A customer speaks to you in Russian:
a) You smile at them and let them know that you do not speak Russian
b) You leave the reception to get a colleague who speaks Russian
c) You make him understand that you are going to take care of them, by telling him where to sit and by getting a colleague who speaks their language

8/ A couple of very old customers arrive with three large suitcases, after the check-in formalities:
a) You give them the key, show them the direction of the room and wish them a good stay
b) You ask a colleague to replace you and accompany the guests to their room
c) You are alone at the reception, you leave the reception and you accompany the customers

9/ You are already with a customer and you receive a call:
a) You’re sorry to put the call on hold
b) You let it ring because your colleague will answer
c) You apologize for a moment to answer and find out the reason for the call

Answers: 1: c – 2: c – 3: c – 4: b – 5: b – 6: c – 7: c – 8: b – 9: a


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