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Knowing the real selling price of real estate is now possible, in south of France or Paris

Publié le 24 juillet 2019 à 13:12 par Magazine En-Contact
Knowing the real selling price of real estate is now possible, in south of France or Paris

Better than an estimate, the real selling prices!

Charlotte Paly – © Edouard Jacquinet

While PAP declares the tariff “war” on real estate agencies, reproaching them for transaction fees that the site considers disproportionate, the founder of a Parisian real estate agency has just launched the first free mobile application which provides – in one click – the real price of real estate sold around you. Its name: QuelPrix.immo. Thanks to the open data, since the decree n ° 2018-1350 on 28/12/2018, the data relating to the actual selling price of real estate are indeed made available to the public. The founder of the young real estate agency, PARIS EQUITY, seized this opportunity to create this new digital tool that’s easy to use. Buyers and sellers thus have access, without an intermediary, to the factual elements relating to all real estate transactions on the national territory.

QuelPrix.immo allows, from an address or from the GPS position of your mobile phone, to access, consult and send to your mailbox the details of the houses and apartments sold in the last 5 years, within a radius of up to 300m around your location or chosen address.

QuelPrix.immo – © DR

This data includes: the date of the real estate sale, the net selling price, the number of rooms, the official size of the property & the address. For “off-line” use, the listing provided by the publisher of the application provides objective and complementary guidance to sometimes biased estimates provided by intermediaries in the real estate sector. It can also be a benchmark for direct negotiations between sellers and buyers. QuelPrix.immo is available on the App Store and Google Play.

The application was developed by PARIS EQUITY, an independent real estate consulting firm for private or institutional clients, created by Charlotte Paly. PARIS EQUITY develops its activities around two poles: one in value-added services (consulting & transactions in France or internationally), the second in the creation of digital tools dedicated to real estate. “In the usual customer journey, the price issue is often agonizing or the subject of unnecessary debate” says the real estate agent. “The agent may be tempted to mention to his client a higher price in order to get the mandate while the best practice, I believe, is to help the customer on what is at the heart of our business: accompanying them until the end of the actual sale. Market data is a reality, it must be taken into account,” says the manager. A set of other services are planned and will be proposed by the end of 2019.

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