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Customer experience & collaborators, a new OMO?

Publié le 16 octobre 2019 à 12:35 par Magazine En-Contact
Customer experience & collaborators, a new OMO?

At Porte de Clichy, the maids also want to meet the Chief Happiness Officer.

En-Contact N°112

Wherever our eyes are turned, an enriched experience is offered to us: more immersive, more carnal, faster, more secret, truly personalized, fluid. In the Paris metro this summer, we made the count. On the section Miromesnil-La Muette, a portion of line 9, more than 40% of the billboards of the stations concerned proposed a new idea: to discover Paris by bus, in museums or amusement parks, at the top of a monument, or, thanks to Treatwell for example, at a hairdresser’s or salon. Cheap, in fact, cheaper than cheap. Each time, the text of the advertisements includes the term experience.
At the same time, in the same city – Paris – dozens of chambermaids at the Ibis Hotel in Porte de Clichy (one of the largest in Europe, 700 rooms) went on strike to obtain proper working conditions that are a little more adapted to the difficulty of their job. Accor, the owner of the Ibis brand, was referring to its provider STN TEFID which mentions the low margins that the billed service would leave them. In the end, the housekeepers toil and one day they protest, with more vehemence. The strike, it’s bad for the image of Paris and the sign in question, right?
In the same city, not a single conference is held yet without a Customer Success Manager, an evangelist (the name now given to vendors-preachers, within the boxes of Tech) of the employee experience with some slides that wash a little whiter. Sometimes their card even indicates another function: Chief Happiness Officer, which gives even more desire to “poiler”. ‘Staff manager’ must be old school.
At Accor, STN and many others, do you think that the housekeeper, the cleaner or the delivery person do not also contribute, to the customer experience, to the Happiness of all?

L’hôtel Ibis de la Porte de Clichy- © Emil Hernon


But here, in many companies, the one who deals with the purchasing, general resources and other functions certainly works on another floor; we call that the silos. To break them, we can: never create them or get advice. In the first case, use the word Enterprise released, in the second, create a digital transformation plan. Average duration of the assignment: 2 years, probability of Sales Force or equivalent CRM software introduced to the recommendation: 76%.
If Coluche was still alive and a spectator of these posters & these strikes, certainly he would update his famous sketch on the new OMO (there is a new Omo) that would become: There is a new experience? But Coluche is dead.
Failing to laugh as much as the man in the overalls, the sign that follows reminds you of a few simple rules: cheap, fast and good, this is difficult to obtain simultaneously. But it is possible. When the employee experience is good, good, good …!

Thank you to those who take care of customers or try to do it, really, even in silence. There are many in truth, and this number is devoted to them. And to those who support Expérience Client/The French Forum, the 1st Customer Experience Forum in France. Thank you Maxime, Marcos, Dounia, Thierry, Charles Emmanuel, Frederic, Laurent and the others. To a certain CNRS researcher, a voice specialist who delighted participants this year, thank you to her contribution (Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni).

By Manuel Jacquinet

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