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The dreaded Romainville football team? Made up of 100% telecom advisors!

Publié le 03 septembre 2020 à 08:56 par Magazine En-Contact
The dreaded Romainville football team? Made up of 100% telecom advisors!

When ministers of health go to Romainville, what often happens is they pick up a headset. The city is home to a contact centre that is famous for various reasons. And a football coach, who is also famous.

Since 2004, the year of the heat wave, Samuel Slimani, pole manager at Sitel (he manages several contact centres in France as the world’s number 3 in the sector) has seen several ministers pass through the Romainville telephone platform that he manages. Since that year, the company has been under contract with the Ministry of Health to manage the information services made necessary by health crises, such as the one set up for the Covid-19 virus at the moment. Samuel thus noted that the visits of Ministers (Marisol Touraine, Roselyne Bachelot & Xavier Bertrand) were a cause and provoked change: the lockdown of the district – before and on the day of the visit – by police forces; a modified social climate, later transformed internally and the presence of many cameras and journalists on the day in question. He also noticed that some of them practice personalized contact with clients, without the need to use Salesforce (famous CRM software). Too good :).

PSG in Romainville?

The Sitel-Romainville football team is also famous, almost PSG like in the championships it’s a part of. Its rigorous and visionary coach (Jean Fanchin) would go so far as to influence the recruitment of tele advisers as soon as their ball skills are proven or when he needs to strengthen his central hinge. But this is none of our business, as the late Thierry Roland would have said. Without deflating the other elements of the next report, the call centre in question is perfectly PCI-DSS, a reference to security issues. Olivier Camino, co-founder of Sitel (ex-Acticall) would still remember the amount on the invoice for the security doors and airlocks that were installed on site when the standard was obtained. We don’t joke about the protection of Neymar or Zlatan, so why joke about this? At least it’s to guarantee the protection of customer or payment data. A legend then, the cost of this PCI DSS certification? Call centres carry so much baggage.

In Romainville, in fact, between a few visits from Ministers, they work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, a rarity in France for telephone platforms. Some of the teams attached to the site exercise their public speaking and multi-channel skills as part of a delegation. That is to say at the clients’ premises. All these elements and many other things, seen and heard during a fascinating visit to Romainville, in full management of Covid-19, are to be discovered in issue N°116 of En-Contact (July 2020). In the meantime, the trailer of the director and coach of the stars of Romainville, Samuel Fuller-Slimani can be viewed on the En-Contact website’s video section.


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