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Sorry to bother you but…

Publié le 11 septembre 2018 à 08:05 par Magazine En-Contact
Sorry to bother you but…

Inspiration does run in the family and this can be seen through a long awaited film soon to be released in movie theaters that portrays an ambitious and skilled tele-marketer who, in order to succeed, has to make a tough and highly questionable decision which raises considerable societal questions but not only! A brilliant film that shows that just as Oracle has taught many companies to up their game in CRM, his daughter Megan Ellison* does the same for the independent film industry.

In the cinema, the hardest part is when you leave the room, wrote more or less Celine, who knows what she’s talking about. We go to the cinema to hide out, it’s a safe place. We believe in the movie and we dream that the love stories end well or that the bad guys are punished in the end. But 3 other good reasons can and should encourage the specialists of the call centers, the hotlines to be interested in the film art as of august and the upcoming year.
The darkrooms and their exhibitors take care of the spectator experience and make it their priority especially now that the competition is becoming all the more stiff with the age of Netflix and other SVOD platforms. They must also manage and take into account multiple details that can compromise this customer journey. If the air conditioning does not work or we are faced with a noisy viewer, UGC nor the director of the Pagoda can help these situations that nonetheless impact the viewer’s opinion.

Two recently released films centered on call center agents were staged in a tragic manner for one and in a dramatic fashion for the other. In the first, the protagonist of the story, policeman, tries to save the young woman who calls him. Terrible closed camera + Jabra headphones + awesome sound design = The Guilty transforms the test.

In the second, the hero of the story must “speak like a white man” to progress in his telemarketing company and especially, to face and resolve a dilemma. Sorry to bother you, which should be released soon in France, is amazing. Both films demonstrate – and it is comforting – that modest production budgets, first film experiments, produced in independent mode do not mean reduced efficiency.

Much of the great independent quality films produced in the US have been so in recent years due to the decisive support of Annapurna Pictures* (which co-produced Sorry to bother you). Based in California, the studio was created and is led by a Mrs. Ellison; Larry’s daughter … In a way, Oracle has done the film industry some good!

By Manuel Jacquinet

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