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On Bloumbergtv.fr, discover the Tupac Shakur of telesales, the Alain Finkielkraut of the customer experience and Agnès de la Fesse d’Ange, the cousin of Inès…

Publié le 17 décembre 2019 à 15:45 par Magazine En-Contact
On Bloumbergtv.fr, discover the Tupac Shakur of telesales, the Alain Finkielkraut of the customer experience and Agnès de la Fesse d’Ange, the cousin of Inès…

(Now we see them on TV) 

Created in 2018, BloumbergTv is a web TV dedicated to customer service and experience, a logical variation of the magazine En-Contact, THE magazine that has been interested in these questions and in contact centres, for soon to be 20 years. Quick interview with BloumbergTV host and magazine editor: Manuel Jacquinet.

What is Bloumbergtv.fr?
A series of videos shot with ‘Doers’ or with the geniuses of the customer experience and call centres, who I call the Picassos, those who don’t just search but who find. And a selection of reports a little more offbeat on LOLTv.
I have been in a lot of countries in the last twenty years, where phone crazy people, traders, telemarketers or assistants with a telephone handset have settled, and I wanted to see them on screen. 57 channels and nothing on, sings Bruce Springsteen, he is right: there are a lot of channels on TV but we always see and hear the same or experts. On Bloumbergtv.fr, we listen to those who are not on Bloomberg or BFM but who should be.
We have no money to invite experts who comment on the platform. So there is none.

Hence the name?

Do you think there is enough to make it a TV channel?
Of course, there are the Alain Finkielkrauts of telesales, faithful to their convictions, not always understood by their peers. And who have the sense of aftershock. And the Jacques Attalis of Customer Experience, who have their opinion on everything and publish a book a year. But we can also take advantage of the last advice of Agnes de la Fesse d’Ange, the cousin of Inès. She shares her good advice and discoveries. It’s kind of crazy but I think it’s like the modern world. A lot of people tell you that they know and master everything, in my humble opinion …

Which videos do you recommend?
To begin with, during this period of strikes: Pas de sourire, pas de pognon,  (No smile, no dough), which is worthy of an inaugural lesson at the Collège de France, by a great lady from Air France.
Si tu veux être seamless, c’est bon pour ton cours au Nasdaq, (If you want to be seamless, it’s good for your course at Nasdaq), by the founder of bibi.
And Le silence arrive dans nos vies par effraction, (Silence breaks into our lives), by Brother Samuel Rouvillois.

And the next video to come?
This is the story of the installation of a call centre in Haute-Loire in the 2008s in the fiefdom of Laurent Wauquiez. With subsidies granted at the time by Nicolas Sarkozy, then President. Attention, huh: legal, subsidies. Between 1998 and 2008, almost all of the call centres that have been set up and created in France were established with the support of Ministers and Secretaries of State who had a strong desire for their electoral fiefdom to house a telephone platform. Phone platforms annoy everyone, supposedly because of phone harassment, but nobody spits on the jobs they create.

Interview by Metleson Lessfort,
our special correspondent

LOL TV is a resurgence of two programs from the late ORTF: Les Raisins Verts (Jean Christophe Averty) and Cinq colonnes à la une.
The Bell Howel camera (which was used for the first broadcasts) has been replaced by what we have on hand. And the famous journalist Metslesonmoinsfort is expected to animate the hot talk, very soon, after we have raised 1,233,888 45 dollars and 66,777 bitcoins. It doesn’t look great but anyhow…

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