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French Customer Experience Forum, 10th edition: what’s in store?

Publié le 20 septembre 2022 à 13:43 par Magazine En-Contact
French Customer Experience Forum, 10th edition: what’s in store?

The first French event exclusively dedicated to customer experience and everything that enhances or smoothens it (setting an appointment, the shop assistant smile, information given to travelers in airports or trains, clean toilets) will hold its tenth edition in La Baule, next week, from September 28 to 30. Set an appointment with the French Doctors of customer experience, listen to their patients bear witness to the benefits of their treatment. Browse the program

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As Zenchef has just been sold to Americans and Doctolib proves to be super efficient but still not profitable, how to fund adequate actions and transformations for shopping experience and appointment-booking? We will talk about it with a few independent SaaS software publishers who have opted for a measured growth, but one decided in France. 


Automation of customer journeys, emotion as a factor of enchantment, the very urgent need to inform people and customers (delays at the station, in parcel delivery, SMS notifications for appointments), such are for Manuel Jacquinet, the organizer of the forum, the three priorities shaping the program of this 10th edition. The title of this edition puts the focus, however, on the human factor and how important it remains: people are pulled in by people. More than a third of the program is devoted to themes related to the employee experience.

A Woodstock of customer experience? This year, one of the masterclasses will be led by a perfume creator:  the first olfactory signature for contact centers, which was designed in close collaboration with teleoperators, will be launched at the Forum. We'll be listening to one of the French leaders in conversational commerce, local hero Julien Hervouet. "And what makes me even happier is having a craftsman, John Cochet, taking part in the event. Getting a cost estimate remotely, in digital mode, finding and training employees, building loyalty, completing a project or a home improvement project so that the customer is happy and ready to put a positive review on your website, all these items are also critical to small entrepreneurs in France. The Forum gives them voice and is dedicated to them too.” 

If you would like to register for La Baule, September 28-30, call 01 75 77 24 00

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