For Stradel’s, time and committed teams are two key ingredients of product personalization

Made-to-measure is all the rage. The Holy Grail of customer experience may be summed up in three words: simple, smooth and personalized. How do tailors go about attaining this goal? What sort of special service do they provide to their unique clientele? For Ludovic Kamgué, founder of Stradel’s, time and honesty are vital for anyone […]

The book Business is business is out !

The modern corporate executive resembles Isidore Lechat who has ambition, who has the desire to conquer the world away from his home and who would read and appreciate Spinoza (L’Ethique). Welcome to this collection of testimonies, imagined as a conversation with those who preceded you; you can start reading when you desire, without anyone knowing […]

A l’ancienne, en respectant sa parole et décrochant son téléphone

Né en septembre 1958, à Paris Xe, rue de Lancry, Philippe Lederman est passé du Sentier aux beaux quartiers, grâce à l’immobilier, à son bagout affirmé par quarante ans d’expérience. Mais la vérité, c’est qu’il ne feint pas : il aime les clients et les gens. Et ne manque pas de courage. Avant d’avoir ses […]