‘Crafting the customer experience of tomorrow’

His name is Ian and he’s a famous drummer. Paris & France are boosting the profile of the customer service and are putting the call out for designers and inventors of quality customer experiences. His name is Ian, and he made the announcement a few days ago. Ian Paice, the famous drummer of Deep Purple? […]

When all we want… Is the Crème de la Crème.

At the moment when we figure out the conditions of their leave (due to Brexit), we shouldn’t forget that the British people have for a long time provided us with many reasons not to cut ties with them; the punk music scene & movement, UB40’s ‘white reggae’, the soulful brit pop of Simply Red, Ken […]

Inside the call centers: how the calls reflect the news

It is the story of a customer who wants to cancel a SEPA direct debit, to know why his Uber or VTC is not on time where he should be (ETA*), to reschedule a delivery. 15 hours or so before a famous consulting firm (E/Y) releases a new sector study about the future of call […]

A rush at the ENA entrance

Visiting ENA, the Teleperformance hub in Athens, where Yannis has dreamed and created the Agora of customer experience. We recognize leaders by their actions, writings, powerful, sometimes unusual, speeches. Discovering and spending time at ENA change the visitor and require two clarifications and two statements. ENA is located in a capital that has marked history. […]

Sorry to bother you but…

Inspiration does run in the family and this can be seen through a long awaited film soon to be released in movie theaters that portrays an ambitious and skilled tele-marketer who, in order to succeed, has to make a tough and highly questionable decision which raises considerable societal questions but not only! A brilliant film […]

What if Blackstone bought Oscaro.com? (It’ll be great Mendez)

It’s not forbidden to imagine that, in the midst of crazy algorithms, amazing statements and cash-flow, what could give improbable meetings or calls. The redaction team of En-Contact has been frequently contacted lately by customers who say they’ve been cheated and harmed by Oscaro or suppliers who claim the payment of their bills, what could […]

The seamless experience : an obligation for all

In order to develop, or simply survive, craftsmen and merchants must compete in terms of customer experience. They have to reach high standards, like those of Apple or Amazon. Even if they do not always master the vernacular of this field, they can however sense its key subjects. « Before, we baked good bread and […]

Why reinvent the customer’s journey and consideration? Well to provide the best, of course!

Interview of Sylvain Rabuel – CEO of Club Med France Europe Africa   The title of this article could easily resemble the marketing subject of a Stanford or HEC exam, which started awarding « Excellence in Customer Experience » certificates. We have read the copy of 66 year-old student aiming for the Dean’s list. The competition is […]

Legendary recording studios in France, what happened to our very own Abbey Road?

Super Bear, CBE Studio, Davout, Hérouville Castle, Pathé Marconi Studios, are unique and legendary recording studios that France has witnessed come to life, blossom and often disappear, at times, in flames. It is in the shadow of these studios and with the assistance of SSL or hand-crafted consoles and passionate sound engineers that many timeless […]

The French designers and makers of customer experience

Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd owe their fame to a very particular alchemy of musical talents, energy and madness. But technology also contributed to their successes or their rediscovery: the first sound effects and games of the Meddle creator were so distinctive that for a long time, their albums were used in stores to test stereo […]

20 million (Be Relax), 2 billion (I-Zettle), 1.1 billion (Ring)? Open bar and quick decision for the acquisitions or technologies that actually transform the customer journey and the traveling experience

Investment funds are not always great visionaries, but when they understand that activities, technologies or small doorbells are likely to effectively transform customer experience or eradicate one of the real pain points of the customer’s journey, they draw out their Sheaffer* to sign real checks. « And deals are quickly closing! » tells us one of the […]

Digital platforms are raising money, but where does it go?

…Apparently not in customer care or compliance. 66% of digital platforms that have raised a considerable amount of money have a negligent or even catastrophic customer service: LeKiosk wins the prize for incompetence. Ornikar, Legal Agency, Legal Start, OpenClassrooms, Meero, Private Driver, etc., the good students rub shoulders with the very bad in the digital […]