Ikea has come to town: big expectations

Guided customer journeys and personalized crockery: the new customer experience kit?   There was a crowd gathered this morning in the heart of Paris, for the opening of a new store for one of the brands that has changed the face of shopping since its creation: Ikea. There were customers happily waiting in line with […]

A good location is expensive

Rent for hot-dog stand locations up to $250,000 in the most frequented parks in NYC (New York City). The acquisition of customers is expensive and can even reach extravagant amounts. Being in the right place – in the physical world like in the digital world- represents a real risky investment because nothing is ever guaranteed […]

Rule # 1: Anticipate peak times of customer contact

Suitable for: Call centers, stores, utilities, hospitals, museums, amusement parks… « Know thyself ». If someone -in a whimsical impulse- had decided to ask Socrates his recommendations to optimize the wait, he would probably have advised the Directors of the Customer Relationship to acquire a good understanding of their flow of customer contact. Depending on the sector, certain […]

Facts and issues: Your waiting time is estimated at…

… 13 years to assist a Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra concert … 28 months for the delivery of an Aston Martin DBS … 1 year to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist in Picardie … less than you think: the average estimated waiting time is 36% more than the actual experienced wait time … 1 minute […]

The Eiffel Tower – the slopes that make the wait more pleasant

An Indian queue of dozens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people who get tangled up at the foot of the iron lady … in the cold, the rain, the snow … for hours. The reception of the Eiffel Tower is unworthy of its status. Important changes are happening – and the issues are not […]

Waiting, the number 1 « pain point » of the customer experience is not necessary inevitable

Around the world, brand customers and companies in all industries are talking about a topic when asked what is the first « pain » felt in customer experience: waiting. Waiting at the cash register, in the queue at the taxi stand, waiting for a refund on online returns, waiting for the « home page » of the website to […]

We call him Francis the Belgian, oh no, LUC Francis (Jacobs) the Belgian

Like his almost homonym, he frequents the mob. But it’s that of telephone marketing and call centres, not THE MOB. After a successful career at Nokia, the boss of Nixxis is discovering – with his software tools – a great breakthrough in contact centre’s equipment, mainly those devoted to outbound calls. After performance tests compared […]

Live from Carthage with Voicecom

Inès… (of) Mansour, our Inès… In terms of fashion, classy shoes & good addresses in Paris, we are proud of a certain Inès de la Fressange. In terms of customer service, market research and satisfaction – well conducted in several languages – Tunisia has seen the birth and growth of Inès de Mansour, we dare […]

Interview of Charles-Emmanuel Berc, Vipp

Manuel Jacquinet: You will open your 4th site in Cameroon soon, which will bring the number of your employees up to 2000 in the city of Yaoundé alone. Did you imagine that the growth of the company would be so strong in this country? Charles-Emmanuel Berc: I did, yes. We had done studies before our […]

Webhelp opens its tenth French contact centre in Tourcoing … and its capital to outside investors?

Fourteen years after the opening of its first site in Caen, France, on Friday April 5th, Webhelp welcomed its customers, a minister (Mr Darmanin) and new employees to the former industrial city of the North: Tourcoing. The company is aiming to provide 500 jobs within two years. The new centre is less than 500 meters […]

For Stradel’s, time and committed teams are two key ingredients of product personalization

Made-to-measure is all the rage. The Holy Grail of customer experience may be summed up in three words: simple, smooth and personalized. How do tailors go about attaining this goal? What sort of special service do they provide to their unique clientele? For Ludovic Kamgué, founder of Stradel’s, time and honesty are vital for anyone […]

The book Business is business is out !

The modern corporate executive resembles Isidore Lechat who has ambition, who has the desire to conquer the world away from his home and who would read and appreciate Spinoza (L’Ethique). Welcome to this collection of testimonies, imagined as a conversation with those who preceded you; you can start reading when you desire, without anyone knowing […]