We call him Francis the Belgian, oh no, LUC Francis (Jacobs) the Belgian

Like his almost homonym, he frequents the mob. But it’s that of telephone marketing and call centres, not THE MOB. After a successful career at Nokia, the boss of Nixxis is discovering – with his software tools – a great breakthrough in contact centre’s equipment, mainly those devoted to outbound calls. After performance tests compared […]

Live from Carthage with Voicecom

Inès… (of) Mansour, our Inès… In terms of fashion, classy shoes & good addresses in Paris, we are proud of a certain Inès de la Fressange. In terms of customer service, market research and satisfaction – well conducted in several languages – Tunisia has seen the birth and growth of Inès de Mansour, we dare […]

Interview of Charles-Emmanuel Berc, Vipp

Manuel Jacquinet: You will open your 4th site in Cameroon soon, which will bring the number of your employees up to 2000 in the city of Yaoundé alone. Did you imagine that the growth of the company would be so strong in this country? Charles-Emmanuel Berc: I did, yes. We had done studies before our […]

Webhelp opens its tenth French contact centre in Tourcoing … and its capital to outside investors?

Fourteen years after the opening of its first site in Caen, France, on Friday April 5th, Webhelp welcomed its customers, a minister (Mr Darmanin) and new employees to the former industrial city of the North: Tourcoing. The company is aiming to provide 500 jobs within two years. The new centre is less than 500 meters […]

For Stradel’s, time and committed teams are two key ingredients of product personalization

Made-to-measure is all the rage. The Holy Grail of customer experience may be summed up in three words: simple, smooth and personalized. How do tailors go about attaining this goal? What sort of special service do they provide to their unique clientele? For Ludovic Kamgué, founder of Stradel’s, time and honesty are vital for anyone […]

The book Business is business is out !

The modern corporate executive resembles Isidore Lechat who has ambition, who has the desire to conquer the world away from his home and who would read and appreciate Spinoza (L’Ethique). Welcome to this collection of testimonies, imagined as a conversation with those who preceded you; you can start reading when you desire, without anyone knowing […]

Joel Ortiz is believed to be the first person in the USA to be convicted of ‘Sim Swapping’

The college student from Massachusetts was arrested in California last year at the Los Angeles International Airport apparently on his way to Europe. He was indicted on 28 charges overall (3 counts of identity theft, 13 counts of hacking, and 2 counts of grand theft). He recently accepted a plea deal of 10 years in […]

Customer Experience: Customers no longer believe in Santa Claus

More or less twenty billion, that is the difference when you take good care (or don’t) of your customers, as recently demonstrated by the loss of value on the Stock Exchange of Altice or the positive differential of the fortune of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. While one neglects the subscribers he believes are […]

You cannot fake it

« If you ask people to sacrifice their life for the cause (as seen in the army, not at the Fnac), you cannot fake it » Julien Munch, director of the Fnac Montparnasse. Before managing the Fnac Montparnasse, Julien Munch spent some time in the air force, as well as in the finance ministry. Experiences that […]

Ticketmaster (subsidiary of Live Nation) retains Vocalcom ahead of Genesys and Five 9

PSG inspires the teams of Tilsitt street. According to our sources* the Manchester-based Ticketmaster contact centre – which provides about 100 jobs – has selected Vocalcom for its cloud-based customer service. Vocalcom was chosen over Five 9 and Genesys, two Anglo-Saxon publishers. The battle of the cloud seems well discussed everywhere, since another leader in […]

TRAGEDY AT COURCHEVEL: The testimony of a former employee of Maison Tournier tells of the living conditions for seasonal workers at the ski resorts

There is a lot of writing and lots of talk about the experience of associates, about the symmetry of ideas and concepts that if you treat your staff well – by mirror effect- your customers will be treated well too. The testimony of an employee who worked and lived for a week in Courchevel in […]

‘Crafting the customer experience of tomorrow’

His name is Ian and he’s a famous drummer. Paris & France are boosting the profile of the customer service and are putting the call out for designers and inventors of quality customer experiences. His name is Ian, and he made the announcement a few days ago. Ian Paice, the famous drummer of Deep Purple? […]