Knowing the real selling price of real estate is now possible, in south of France or Paris

Better than an estimate, the real selling prices! While PAP declares the tariff « war » on real estate agencies, reproaching them for transaction fees that the site considers disproportionate, the founder of a Parisian real estate agency has just launched the first free mobile application which provides – in one click – the real price of […]

The big game of the summer: would you make a good Club Med GO?

Club Med owes its success to its ability to recruit large numbers of GOs (Gentils Organisateurs, which translates directly to Kind Organisers, the name given to their employees) ranging from diving specialists to hospitality employees. Take the following test (from a former QCM used by Club Med years ago) and measure ability to become a […]

Do like Barack Obama does: go on holiday in France. And rent on Airbnb, of course…?

Unsurprisingly a trip to a bookstore and other reading experience can be useful in enjoying the travel experience, or give you patient even, to dream and hope. Airbnb and René Girard The machine that promises the unique, the unforgettable and the bespoke is running at full speed in all sectors and is now displayed on […]

They will be attending the French Forum, at La Baule in October, why ?

For the seventh consecutive year, the famous resort on the Atlantic coast and the Hermitage Barrière teams will, in October, host the first event in France dedicated to customer experience: Experience Client, the French Forum. Maude Cavat: What are you looking for from brands, UX designers, station or hospital and experts in the customer journey […]

Aircall… does it work in call centres?

Fact-checking in the aisles of VivaTech. Almost three years after our first brief article about the all-in-one telephone solution whose founding executives hope will be on the stock market *, the editorial team of En-Contact wanted to update their information and their point of view on the company that announced, on its website and in […]

Consulting firms and strategists in customer experience & relations

How to identify and choose the right partner and start with the right job. E /Y or Bain Consulting? Go Beyond or Praxidia or Comdata Digital? NPS or Customer effort score? The bosses of small or big businesses who seek to develop or not to fail in the face of Amazon or Alibaba cannot ignore […]

After the sausage, the Morteau baguette

Show us what you got ! The competition for the best baguette allowed Mehdi Corgey, a baker in Morteau, to be celebrated by his peers yesterday after an incredible final. Mehdi Corgey will not be at Vivatech, the high mass conference that opens today in Paris. We will talk a lot about customer experience. Good […]

Ikea has come to town: big expectations

Guided customer journeys and personalized crockery: the new customer experience kit?   There was a crowd gathered this morning in the heart of Paris, for the opening of a new store for one of the brands that has changed the face of shopping since its creation: Ikea. There were customers happily waiting in line with […]

A good location is expensive

Rent for hot-dog stand locations up to $250,000 in the most frequented parks in NYC (New York City). The acquisition of customers is expensive and can even reach extravagant amounts. Being in the right place – in the physical world like in the digital world- represents a real risky investment because nothing is ever guaranteed […]

Rule # 1: Anticipate peak times of customer contact

Suitable for: Call centers, stores, utilities, hospitals, museums, amusement parks… « Know thyself ». If someone -in a whimsical impulse- had decided to ask Socrates his recommendations to optimize the wait, he would probably have advised the Directors of the Customer Relationship to acquire a good understanding of their flow of customer contact. Depending on the sector, certain […]

Facts and issues: Your waiting time is estimated at…

… 13 years to assist a Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra concert … 28 months for the delivery of an Aston Martin DBS … 1 year to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist in Picardie … less than you think: the average estimated waiting time is 36% more than the actual experienced wait time … 1 minute […]

The Eiffel Tower – the slopes that make the wait more pleasant

An Indian queue of dozens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people who get tangled up at the foot of the iron lady … in the cold, the rain, the snow … for hours. The reception of the Eiffel Tower is unworthy of its status. Important changes are happening – and the issues are not […]