You weren’t in Africa? You’re Gaou!

Of course, the 5th edition of Sarcca would not have hosted, in the green park where they settled, multiple technology booths or major providers of European contact centres but for the dynamic Anna Catche (organizer of the African Salon for Customer Relations) who has succeeded in attracting a large part of those who believe in […]

Linda Hemlat, Director of Strategic Accounts

Master of Law and Business School (European Higher Diploma in Communication and Management) I joined the Teleperformance group in 2007 as a client adviser on legal information activities, and I quickly moved within the company towards management positions. I finally left the operations in 2013 to join the Account Management.  En-Contact: What is the scope […]

Club Med embeds InContact CXone, Nice’s cloud solution for measuring customer experience, in cooperation with Verizon Wireless

Now able to measure and analyse conversations on a routine basis, the high-end travel specialist is completing a structuring project to improve the customer experience. Calls, chat sessions, everything now passes through the Nice tool that comes to replace Avaya. Discover a full report in our 113 isssue. To know: The next issue of the […]

Who’s gonna save Tila March?

The iconic brand, which had success with Zelig – the tote bag designed by Tamara Taichman that conquered ‘fashionistas’ around the world (such as Emma Watson and Jessica Alba) – is going through a delicate period. In receivership, the company that believed in phygital and had quickly developed exports to Japan and China, is a […]

A call centre closing on the Côte d’Azur? Oh con…

The announced closure of the site of Conduent call centre (the former BPO division of Xerox) located in Sophia Antipolis (Provence) underlines the burning need for a call centre platform to have several clients. It is also rich in other lessons for outsourcing specialists. 220 phone callers paid to stop taking calls For Apple Care, […]

‘Les Rencontres Photographiques’ of the 10th arrondissement hosts the exhibition « Marguerites” (Daisies), a series of photos on call centres

Laureate of ‘Les Rencontres Photographiques’* of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, Edouard Jacquinet’s exhibition runs until November 16th.  His series « Marguerites » is a selection of photographs taken in call-centres around the world and whose objective is to portray this little know and seldom photographed universe, the people who work there and the areas where these […]

Customer experience & collaborators, a new OMO?

At Porte de Clichy, the maids also want to meet the Chief Happiness Officer. Wherever our eyes are turned, an enriched experience is offered to us: more immersive, more carnal, faster, more secret, truly personalized, fluid. In the Paris metro this summer, we made the count. On the section Miromesnil-La Muette, a portion of line […]

The vocal shopping, the patients and collaborators experience, the personalization will be the big ‘guests’ of the Expérience Client/The French Forum, soon to be the 7th edition.

The Woodstock of the customer experience, as it is often described. Hosted in La Baule, on October 2nd to 4th, featuring a great French researcher specialized in voices (Nathalie Henrich-Bernardoni, Gipsa-Lab / CNRS), the French specialist in feedback management (Mediatech CX) as well as the world leader in outsourced customer experience, a French company: Teleperformance. […]

Fanciful accounts and balance sheets, lawsuits with clients, the Wynd mirage?

Ismael Ould, the little prince of the cash register, co-founder of Wynd, is going to have to show velocity: many lawsuits begin this week, engaged by the retailers, the partners, or actors from the entertainment world that evoke all the many commitments not kept by the company. The company has raised considerable sums. Where did […]

Tessi acquires call centre specialist ADM Value for 110 million euros. Is it a winning purchase?

The discrete Tessi announced at the end of July, the very likely acquisition of ADM Value, one of the few remaining independent players in the call centre sector, also present in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector. Does HLD, the majority shareholder of Tessi, headed by Jean-Bernard Lafonta, sign Neymar or Ribéry? (A very talented […]

Knowing the real selling price of real estate is now possible, in south of France or Paris

Better than an estimate, the real selling prices! While PAP declares the tariff « war » on real estate agencies, reproaching them for transaction fees that the site considers disproportionate, the founder of a Parisian real estate agency has just launched the first free mobile application which provides – in one click – the real price of […]

The big game of the summer: would you make a good Club Med GO?

Club Med owes its success to its ability to recruit large numbers of GOs (Gentils Organisateurs, which translates directly to Kind Organisers, the name given to their employees) ranging from diving specialists to hospitality employees. Take the following test (from a former QCM used by Club Med years ago) and measure ability to become a […]