Fanciful accounts and balance sheets, lawsuits with clients, the Wynd mirage?

Le 18 septembre 2019 par Magazine En-Contact

Ismael Ould, the little prince of the cash register, co-founder of Wynd, is going to have to show velocity: many lawsuits begin this week, engaged by the retailers, the partners, or actors from the entertainment world that evoke all the many commitments not kept by the company. The company has raised considerable sums. Where did they go?

Like many tech start-ups, it has chained fundraisers and thunderous statements about its products and the benefits of them: digitalization of the point of sale, optimization of customer journeys. Big names in banks and services (Natixis Payments, Sodexo, Orange) have, thanks to their financial contributions and the association of their name, brought to the wedding basket the credibility and the legitimacy that allowed the first successes and the chain of fundraising.
Yet, the storms accumulate around Wynd: this week takes place the first court hearings in Paris between the company and many customers who consider themselves aggrieved or have asked to cancel their contract which binds them to the company created by Ismael Ould: a large operator of theatres, a partner, well-known retail brands or those who operate department stores all blame the company for more or less the same thing: inefficient services, unfulfilled deadlines, cash registers whose promised features are not delivering.
« The discussions we have with the company or its lawyers are surreal and bad faith regarding their own golden rule, » says one of them, while the second complainant says « an outstanding manipulator, brilliant but very particular” Talking about the founder of the company. « We have been promised omni-channel, they have not managed to operate a cash register in our institutions » half smiles an aggrieved customer, who has also broken his contract with the company.

Courageously, the owner of a pizzeria in the Butte Montmartre, Marcel Dacalor, had described the customer journey that led him to sign with Wynd: the need to change the cash register, the positive recommendations made by his banker the time etc.. But the cash register system was never delivered & the commercial who had surveyed him knew nothing of the constraints of local commerce. See his video here…
According to our information, the company that in January 2019 raised the sum of 72 million euros, had already raised 30 million euros from Sodexo in November 2016, risked entering a complicated period: in addition to these business difficulties, the accounts produced by the company would not be very sincere, according to the formula implemented by the statutory auditors.
Contacted by us for over eight months, the company has never provided an answer to our questions. The manager proposes to come and meet, but does not specifically answer any question when it is detailed: their turnover, customers that are actually installed and being able to testify etc.
A few days before the opening of Retail Week, one of the great masses of the profession of local commerce, an expert from the sector testifies: « the omni-channel and the boarding of customer knowledge are real issues, which actually help to streamline customer journeys. But what terrible lies and unfulfilled promises spread among publishers and technology vendors! « 

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