Rule # 1: Anticipate peak times of customer contact

Suitable for: Call centers, stores, utilities, hospitals, museums, amusement parks… « Know thyself ». If someone -in a whimsical impulse- had decided to ask Socrates his recommendations to optimize the wait, he would probably have advised the Directors of the Customer Relationship to acquire a good understanding of their flow of customer contact. Depending on the sector, certain […]

Facts and issues: Your waiting time is estimated at…

… 13 years to assist a Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra concert … 28 months for the delivery of an Aston Martin DBS … 1 year to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist in Picardie … less than you think: the average estimated waiting time is 36% more than the actual experienced wait time … 1 minute […]

The Eiffel Tower – the slopes that make the wait more pleasant

An Indian queue of dozens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people who get tangled up at the foot of the iron lady … in the cold, the rain, the snow … for hours. The reception of the Eiffel Tower is unworthy of its status. Important changes are happening – and the issues are not […]

Waiting, the number 1 « pain point » of the customer experience is not necessary inevitable

Around the world, brand customers and companies in all industries are talking about a topic when asked what is the first « pain » felt in customer experience: waiting. Waiting at the cash register, in the queue at the taxi stand, waiting for a refund on online returns, waiting for the « home page » of the website to […]