Manuel Jacquinet – © Edouard Jacquinet

Manuel Jacquinet :
editor-in-chief of En-Contact magazine, founder of experience client/the french forum (1st french event dedicated to the customer experience topics)

Customer service and call center specialist for 18 years, editor-in-chief of En-Contact magazine, which he founded in 2000, founder of Colorado Conseil consultants, and Colorado, the telemarketing school in 1997, Manuel Jacquinet is a noted expert on customer service and call center issues. In this respect, he was called in 2004 by Jean-Louis Borloo, at the time the Minister for Employment, to work with him as an expert adviser, and to design and implement a policy plan focused on the French call centre industry. As a journalist and writer (both activities now grouped in the Malpaso entity), he is still following the news of this industry and advising some of its top players in France and abroad. He is often invited to give his point of view on these issues, which often make the news, be it on television or on the radio. After creating several companies such as TMC, CCL Woodward, and Colorado Conseil, he ceded his shares in the latter company in 2008 to Nexstage, the investment fund, and to his business associate. In 2013, Manuel Jacquinet created the first public event in France dedicated to customer experience (, in which the first ever “French Forum” was held in the seaside resort of La Baule and received over 150 participants. In January 2013 he was appointed director of RadioCarolineMedia, a publishing, media, and B2B event company based primarily in the UK, France, and soon in Eastern Europe.

His activity as a writer and media professional led him to write four books or works :

« Services clients » (Customer service) is the annual supplement he used to edit with l’Express news magazine and “Les Cahiers de l’experience client / Chronicles about Customer experience” with L’Opinion (a famous daily newspaper in France) (since 2016)
• Co-wrote the script for and produced “Opération 118 318 Sévices Clients”, a comedy released in theaters in 2010 and on DVD in 2011, an independently financed film, with a tragic/comedic story depicting the world of customer film was produced by 118 productions, a company directed by him.
• You may also find some of his articles on his blog Ambush : raves, rants, and eulogies of Van Morrison, Springsteen or Michael Franks among others.

Don’t try to follow his news on Facebook as he can barely edit his profile or upload a photo… He tweets once every two or three weeks, at best. You are more likely to come across him at the Champo (or in other cinema theaters), or in vintage record shops, searching for old vinyl discs of Michael Franks or The Crusaders: he goes there on his Biclou (bicycle), sometimes passing through the Place de la Contrescarpe, not far from where he used to be a student (at Lycée Henri IV). Ah, the nostalgia! He once worked as a book seller, a ski seller, an ad seller for the French Yellow Pages, and head of sales for a company freighting steel products… His relatives and friends got weary of the many trades he used to work in, before he finally calmed down: now he only gets upset in his articles. In the winter, you can see him at the Parc des Bauges or in other snow-capped resorts; basically anywhere there is snow except… in Courchevel. Too crowded for him…